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   SMARTrainersm is Here!

Ride Safe Vermont Brings the Honda Safe Motorcyclist Awareness and Recognition Trainer (SMARTrainersm) to Vermont

Are you a new or prospective rider looking to sharpen your riding skills before mixing with real traffic?  How about a former rider considering a return to the sport?  A seasoned rider who wants a tune-up with a trained RiderCoach?    If so, consider joining us for one-on-one 30 minute sessions on the Honda SMARTrainer sm.   

The SMARTrainersm is a versatile tool that can help you in any stage of your riding development.  

If you are considering getting a motorcycle and want to see if it might be for you, this is a great way to experience what's involved without significant investment of time or cash.  While riding on a simulator configured with motorcycle controls, you can learn basic control inputs, learn how to shift a bike (it's different than a car) and how to begin to integrate using dual braking systems found on a motorcycle (again, different than a car).  

When you've mastered that, you'll navigate realistic traffic situations, develop perception skills and build muscle memory before you have to deal with real-world risks.  After navigating a route you will have a personalized review of your ride and a printed report that includes the route of travel, your choices along the way and interactions with other vehicles, pedestrians and other hazards.  

Are you thinking about becoming strictly a scooter rider and don't want to learn to shift, but still want to get out on the road in the safest way possible?  The SMARTrainer can be set up with scooter controls so that you can focus on the skills that will be important to you- Braking, traffic awareness, hazard avoidance and  those all important perception and motor skills that you will need in an increasingly complex mix of traffic.

If you are a returning rider, or even an experienced rider with years under your belt you may be surprised at what you learn.

"Just got done experiencing the ride simulator. It was definitely a learning experience. It has numerous scenarios that you can chose from. They are all in all quite realistic and I must say you really have to keep your wits about you because you never know what's lurking around the corner. If you try it, and I suggest you do, expect the unexpected. It's a great learning tool for new and experienced riders.i will admit, my stepson did it with me and scored better than me. It really is pretty incredible technology. We are lucky to have access to it in our state." Peter N East Middlebury,Vt.

Registration is restricted to those who already hold a valid drivers license (but you don't need a motorcycle endorsement to ride)!

Cost: $35/session

To register for a session, simply click on the link for the date and time you would like and fill out the form with the required information.  Those interested in classes conducted at CVU will be redirected to the ACCESS CVU site for registration.  If the class is no longer available it will appear  In red. 

* "Bring-a-Buddy" pricing does not apply to SMARTrainer.

Upcoming Sessions:  

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 More sessions will be added soon!  Check back for dates and locations.

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